Is a speech disorder involving frequent problems with the normal fluency and flow of speech.

There are different types of stuttering

  • Prolonging a word within speech (“coooooookie”)
  • Repetitions (“co-co-co-cookie”)
  • Blocks (“I want a………..cookie”)

Speech Disfluency

Patterns of speech disfluency usually becomes more noticeable in children ranging ages 2-6. Children may have normal disfluencies as they begin speaking and can last for up to 6 months.

Seeking Treatment

Seeking treatment when disfluencies have lasted longer than 6 months provide the opportunity for the child to learn new speaking strategies helping to retrain their brain.

What is Treatment

Speech therapy involves identifying the type of stutter or disfluency. Then providing the child  with strategies to speak more intelligibly, and the family with helpful information to use at home to reinforce the therapy sessions.

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By Katie Douglas, MA, SLP 

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