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We pride ourselves on transparency with your treatment, diagnosis and billing.  It is essential to us that we role model what we recommend: mindfulness, self-care, humor, good communication skills, and overall well-being.  We want you to leave our office feeling heard, valued, and a partner in your therapy, never talked down to or judged.

Our Approach?

We utilize evidenced based treatment modalities that are integrated and individualized for you.  No two treatments look the same.  We believe it is important to get to know you and find out what works best based on your diagnosis, personality, history, and goals.  There are many ways to get to the goal you want, we want to find out the best way for you.  We offer traditional methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to more recent evidence based treatments such as mindfulness.  If we aren’t a good fit for you, we will help you find someone or someplace that is.

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