Who is The Cole Center for?

We Serve Clients 3 years – 26 years of age

  • If your child struggles in school, but not enough for the school to test them
  • If your child was tested at school and you do not understand what the results mean, or what to do next
  • You want independent testing results
  • If your child struggles with anxiety, depression over grades or school-related issues
  • If your child is intelligent, but struggles with anxiety or depression
  • If your child is intelligent, but struggles with organization, handing paperwork in, completing tasks on time.  
  • If what you think your child is capable of more than their results

Psychological Services

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

  • Individual Testing
  • Data Scoring and Analysis
  • Parent Interpretation
  • Written Report

School Consultations

  • Teacher Consultation
  • Staff Consultation
  • University Office of Disability/Accomodations


Speech Services

  • Speech and Language Assessment
  • Speech Therapy
    • hour or half-hour sessions available