Who is The Cole Center for?

We Primarily Serve Clients 3 years – 24 years of age

  • If your child struggles in school, but not enough for the school to test them
  • If your child was tested at school and you do not understand what the results mean, or what to do next
  • You want independent testing results
  • If your child struggles with anxiety, depression over grades or school-related issues
  • If your child is intelligent, but struggles with anxiety or depression
  • If your child is intelligent, but struggles with organization, handing paperwork in, completing tasks on time.  
  • If what you think your child is capable of more than their results


Psychological Services

    • Intake Appointment – $175/hr
    • Individual Therapy – $130/hr
    • Parent Consultation – $130/hr
    • Psycho-Educational Evaluation – $175/hr*
    • Onsite School Consultations – $350 for 1 hour visit**
    • Phone Consultation/Preparation – $130/hr
    • Independent Evaluation Review – $175/hr
    • Missed appointment fee – $45

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Available Assessments

Provides a profile of your student’s learning strengths and weaknesses. The results of these assessments are used in the development of academic strategies and accommodations.

  • 4 hours – Individual Testing
  • 3 hours – Data Scoring and Analysis
  • 1 hour – Parent Interpretation
  • 1 hour – Written Report

Onsite School Consultations

Working with schools to develop workable plans that best meet the needs of your student

  • Teacher Consultation
  • Staff Consultation
  • University Office of Disability/Accommodations

Phone Consultations/Meeting Preparation

  • Teacher Consultation
  • Staff Consultation
  • University Office of Disability/Accommodations
  • Medical Personnel
  • Outside Agencies

Medication Prescribing & Management

  • Complete psychiatric evaluations and medication management
  • Prescribe, and/or direct psycho-therapeutic treatments
    • Including medications to treat mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.
  • Collaborate with physicians, advance practice nurses, psychologists, social workers, nurses, or other professionals
    • To discuss service plans and progress.

Orton-Gillingham/Wilson Reading System Instruction

This is specialized tutoring for students that have phonological and comprehension challenges.

    • Initial Parent Consultation – $0
    • 60 minute session – $75

Call for details and availability

Speech Services

    • 55 minute session – $95
  • Speech and Language Assessments
  • Speech Therapy

Other Services

  • The fee associated for other services requested will be determined on a case by case basis.


Payment Methods

Fees for service are due in full at the time of service unless an alternative payment plan is agreed upon prior to service delivery.


Insurance Information