The first paragraph of this blog from The Learning Spark resonated with me

When N was diagnosed with depression last year, I was devastated!  He was only 7 years old…I felt like I had failed as a mother.  I mean, what sort of mom can’t make her child happy?  Of course this is a totally unfair assumption, but those were the thoughts running through my mind at the time.  When the doctor had asked N if he was happy, he replied, “Not very much.”  This broke. my. heart.

As clinicians it’s important to remember when we truly listen to parents as they open up and share their deepest concerns about their children, we will be able to work together to find the best pathway for that child. The more years I work with children as a mental health professional, the more I recognize the innate wisdom of parents.

As you read this blog, remember—you deserve to be heard and respected.

The Learning Spark – Childhood Depression and What You Can Do About It


By Diane Heidorf, M.A. LPCC