Do you take my medical insurance?

Yes and No – The Cole Center will submit insurance claims directly to your insurance as a “Out of Network” provider.  Payments determined by your “Out of Network” coverage will be paid directly to the client.

Why do it this way?

Insurance company may limit the quality and types of services provided.  Coordinating care with the family to provide our clients with care specific to their needs is our top priority.  Methods of care include phone, in office, and off site consultation.

What will I get back?

The amount paid from your insurance is specific to your policy. Calling your insurance company with the specific billed amounts and coding is a safe way to determine the ultimate out of pocket cost of our services.

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes we will use vary based on the clients needs check our Services for details.


Services not payable by insurance companies include school consultations and missed appointment fees you should not expect any reimbursement for these services.