Joe Yensel

I have a degree in Earth Science from Kent State, yes rocks and stuff. I used my degree as expected, in a completely unrelated field, transit. My 20 year career started just as something to do part-time as a way to meet people and make a little extra money. The challenge of meeting the daily challenge hooked me and pulled my attention from my classwork.

The challenges of work and the growth of my family pushed finishing my degree way down my to-do list. I sat 4 credit hours short of graduating for about four years. With the support and encouragement of my family I re-enrolled and completed my degree; however, I still didn’t understand why the whole process was so hard for me.  

I didn’t know that the challenges I had with learning and achievement that began in elementary school continuing all the way through college were learning disabilities.  I just needed to work harder and stop being lazy, but never really knew exactly where to start. 

Above all, I didn’t even realize these were learning disabilities, nor did anyone else, until I had my own children, and that is where my focused changed. 

Kids Changed Everything

I recently went through a diagnosis with one of my own children. I found the entire process difficult to navigate. Getting our child(ren) assessed involved several teachers, several phone calls, wait lists, and a lengthy assessment .

I felt like there should be a way to help families help their kids with sharing the benefit of our experience.  

The Cole Center

This process led to my wife, Dr. Jen Yensel of TY & Associates, and I looking for a way to help families get the information that they needed to help their kids to achieve their potential. It was at the end of a 504 meeting that we heard Dr. Cole was selling his practice.  

This is personal for me.  I hope to help all people, young and even adults, to see their strengths, to help themselves and their families understand their potential.  We all have barriers, struggles, things that we aren’t good at. Identifying how just one person’s brain works, how that applies to work, school, home, relationships, helps all people involved in that person’s life.  

I believe in what Dr Doug Cole says, “name it before you tame it”.  Often those of us with unidentified challenges spend a great deal of energy to get by not understanding why it’s so hard and “easy” for everyone else.  We try to tame “it” before we even know what we were trying to tame in the first place.  


The goals I have for the center are:

  • Provide families with the information they need to understand the challenges their kids are facing in achievement.  
  • Support the schools and families in assisting the children in their academic and psychological success.
  • Provide community resources to remove the stigma having a Learning Disability. 
  • Focus on the strengths they possess
  • Offer interventions to work with not against themselves.  
  • Build a community