As we enter our 5th season of displaying flags throughout the neighborhood in honor of my father, we are overwhelmed with the success of our effort with nearly $5000 donated to charity.

Jen and I will continue to direct 100% of the donations to Children’s Advocacy Center of Portage  Their work to support our youngest and most vulnerable of us is truly unparalleled.

As a reminder and perhaps an introduction:

  • On the following four National Holiday Weekends, we place a 3’ by 5’ hi-quality American flag on a 10’ flag pole along the street in front of your home. We insert the flag into the flag holder that is flush with the ground and capped when not in use.

Memorial Day Weekend                     July 4th

Labor Day Weekend                           Veteran’s Day

  • Flag installation is planned for the Friday leading into the holiday and removed on that Monday evening. Weather can impact this schedule as the flags need to be dry before removal and storage.
  • The suggested donation is $40. A summary of the donation will be provided at the end of the program year.