Ty & Associates merging with The Cole Center

It is with great excitement and privilege that we are announcing, January 1, 2021, Ty & Associates, owned by Dr. Jen Yensel, and The Cole Center, owned by Joe Yensel, are joining together continuing our mutual goal to provide a high level of client care.

Over the last year we have tried to find balance in our personal and professional lives while trying to support our kids navigate a difficult school year.

In a moment of clarity it became evident that operating two separate businesses no longer made the most sense for our family and that joining together would better serve our clients and community partners.

The benefits for our clients will be the immediate elimination of any barrier between Ty and Cole improving clinician coordination and administrative support. We hope that although the Ty & Associates name is being retired that the change will be largely unnoticed by our clients.

So as Jen and I enter the next phase of our professional life, and the 23rd year of our personal relationship we have learned that we are always better together.




Dr. Jen & Joe Yensel